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Get Active Together!

Get Active Together!
It is spring time and that means everyone has more energy to get active! Why not use some of that extra energy playing with your ferret? Ferrets need at least four hours outside their cage every day to run, jump and get an adequate amount of exercise. Don’t think their exercise is limited to only running and jumping; ferrets also love to play games with other ferrets, interactive toys, and even people!
Here are a few games to play with your furry ferret friend:

Catch Me if You Can

Run away from your fuzzy! He or she will most likely chase you. This is most ferret's favorite type of game to play. Of course, they will want you to chase them, as well, so be prepared to expend a good deal of energy too.


Ferrets are known burrowers. They simply love it; it doesn’t stop when it’s time for bed, either. Often times fuzzys like to burrow into and underneath blankets and bed sheets. This presents a perfect opportunity to play a game of peek-a-boo by lifting the blanket and peeking at him or her.  Another fun game is to have your ferret chase or run away from your hand when it is placed on top of the blankets.  Check out our beds and interactive toys, too!

Splish Splash

Ferrets enjoy “swimming”; well, splashing is more like it. During warmer summer months, let your ferret have a wet, fun time splashing and swimming.  Of course, you’ll want to monitor them at all times. Fill up a baby pool with a small amount of water along with a mound of soil. Your ferrets will have an absolute blast splashing around and digging in the dirt. For more fun add in a few rubber  duckies!

Tug of War

Does your ferret have a favorite toy? Try playing tug of war with your fuzzy.  Remember to be gentle.

Hide and Seek

Take your ferret’s favorite toy and hide it somewhere in the house. Increase the difficulty and fun by hiding it in a different spot each time. Your ferret will be so excited when it finds where the toy was hidden! 

You can also play a more traditional game of Hide and Seek. Stand or hide behind something and call your ferret’s name. This signals that it is playtime and the ferret needs to find you. Sometimes ferrets will even hide after they find you. Hide and Seek is a perfect game for ferrets since they have a naturally curious personality!

Bunch O’ Bags

This one is very simple! Just pile a few bags on the floor and watch your fuzzy roll around and burrow in them. Make sure to keep an eye of your ferret so that he or she doesn’t get stuck.


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