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The leading online ferret product retailer,, is pleased to announce that it is offering its financial support to the American Ferret Association (AFA). The AFA is the leading ferret ownership advocacy organization in the United States. is thrilled to offer its support to this essential organization via donation.

Tracing its roots to a local organization founded in the late '80s, the AFA was launched as a national organization in 1991. Over the past twenty years, the AFA has worked tirelessly to promote the joys of domestic ferret ownership. Through educational campaigns, the AFA has highlighted that ferrets make excellent companion animals. It has provided information about the domestic ferret to interest members of the public. The organization has also worked tirelessly to combat the negative stereotypes attached to ferrets by media and government bodies.

The majority of the AFA's educational campaigns are conducted via presentations at pet shows. The organization distributes a newsletter nationally and maintains an informational website. The AFA is also active in legislative education, reaching out to lawmakers in states where ferrets are banned or are in danger of becoming banned. Individual chapters hold social and advocacy events throughout the U.S. The services of the organization benefit all ferret owners by minimizing the stigma associated with these wonderful pets.

The support offered by allows the AFA to continue its educational and media campaigns. is proud to be a resource for ferret owners and is proud to give back to the community through these donations. Individuals who wish to learn more about the American Ferret Association can do so by visiting its
website. An extensive collection of ferret supplies, as well as ferret owner communities, can be found at

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