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120% Price Guarantee

Price Protection:
If you find our item at a lower price on another retail site, we will refund 120% of the difference between our price and the lower one. Here are the rules:
  • The item must be an identical item that is in-stock in the same style, color and size as on
  • The item must be listed at another retail web site or in an online store (Please note: Items from TABcom,,,,,,,,, or the Outlet Store do not qualify).
  • Items from bonus or free offers, sale prices, grand openings, special purchases or special buys, manufacturer's rebates, special orders, close-outs, auction listings, bundle pricing, membership pricing, clearances, dealer's one-of-a-kind or other limited quantity offers do not qualify.
  • The web site must be a legitimate business located within the United States.
  • Taxes, shipping charges, and additional charges, if applicable, will be included when calculating the price difference.
The offer is valid for 10 days after purchase. To receive your refund, follow these easy steps:
  • Order the item you want from
  • Simply visit our Help Center with your order number and the URL of the website where you found the item.
  • We will verify the information, give you your discount equal to 120% of the difference, and email you with your new total.
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