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Ferret-Proof the Holidays


Ferrets are naturally curious 4-legged furballs, and new holiday décor and smells enhance this trait in our furry friends. 

To protect your ferret during the upcoming holiday, here are some tips:

  • Holidays are often accompanied by large gatherings, food and drinks, all of which your ferret has the capability to get into.  This can be harmful because of different ingredients involved so ferrets should be safe and secure in a cage during the gathering.

  • Decorations are highly hazardous to furkids. For example, ferrets enjoy climbing, and there is no way you’ll stop them from climbing a fully decorated Christmas tree!

  • Electric cords are a hazardous material for ferrets to chew on, and glass ornaments should also be watched during the holidays in order to avoid loose broken pieces and ingestion.

  • People are also a hazard. Make sure to keep an eye on your ferret so he or she avoids being trampled by guests.

In conclusion, the holidays are meant to be a happy time of the year. Make sure to protect your ferret from any hazards and keep them safe and secure during the holiday, away from any decorations or the hazards mentioned above.



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